Buck Truck-Game Cart Expedition Package
  • Buck Truck-Game Cart Expedition Package

    SKU: BT-EP-01

    Our standard dual frame, dual wheel game hauling solution.  This 13.5 package comes with everything you need to haul out the largest game.  Including a 5500 cu in 'Expedition' pack, this system will support you during the most remote hunts.  Your gear will be comfortably supported on your back until you arrive at base camp and then your gear and game will travel back home via our integrated cart and pack. Load as much as you wish to carry into the pack leaving the heavier load on the cart to roll out.  For those shorter day trips or when pursuing smaller animals, the Buck-Truck combo also converts into the Goat-Tote single frame version that can be used with your pack or the Buck-Truck Expedition Pack.  With a 200 lb capacity, the Buck-Truck cart triples your load capacity.

    • Warranty

      We will warrant every Buck-Truck and Goat-Tote against manufacturing defects or damage during normal use for the life of the product.  We continually strive to make our products the best they can be. We want you to test our limits so if you break it and provide this feedback on how it failed, we will repair or replace it. Our user who broke his with 6 does on it will be getting a brand new and upgraded model.


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