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How durable are the wheels?

The wheels are rated at 250lbs each and are high impact polypropylene. We rate them for 20 miles. If you wear them out, we'll replace them free of charge.

13.5 lbs seems heavy?

Yes, in comparison to other packs, the Buck-Truck is roughly 4-5 lbs heavier than other frame packs. But when compared with the ability to haul 3 times the weight (100lbs) in the pack + 200lbs on the frame) of other packs, I believe the 5 lbs is worth it when considering it isn't back at the truck when you need it. We could make it lighter, but then it wouldn't be durable enough to stand up to hunting conditions. If you consider the option of carrying a 6 lb pack and transporting a 20 lb game cart, you could say we are half the weight and our cart is always there on your back when you need it.

You rate the Buck-Truck at 200lbs. Is that the limit?

No. We rate the Buck-Truck at 200lbs so that even when you overload it you will be happy with the durability. One of our customers finally broke his when he loaded 6 whole eastern whitetail does on his (~500lbs). This was OK but when he stumbled and the Buck-Truck fell across a log it was too much.

You rate the Goat-Tote at 100lbs. Is that the limit?

No. Like the Buck-Truck version, we want it to be durable and hunt capable.

What is your warranty?

We will warrant every Buck-Truck and Goat-Tote against manufacturing defects or damage during normal use for the life of the product. We continually strive to make our products the best they can be. We want you to test our limits so if you break it and provide this feedback on how it failed, we will repair or replace it. Our user who broke his with 6 does on it will be getting a brand new and upgraded model.

What damage have you seen from field reports?

We see the occasional slightly bent handle or frame upright. The tell-tale sign is that after use the handles won't nest back in the frame as these two components are a fairly tight fit. We've found that field or bench repair can bend the offending section back into place.

How does it perform in blow downs or in snow?

Snow greater than about 8 inches will cause additional drag which may or may not impede your travel. Less than this is of no issue. One of our customers who is over 70 years took his on a CO elk hunt. He was able to haul 1/2 of a bull at a time in 4-6 inches of snow, through blow downs, and across a rocky stream. He reported being skeptical at first, but was very pleased with the way the Buck-Truck rolled over logs and large rocks.

Can I use it in areas deemed as wilderness?

No. Unfortunately, although I stand by the statement that my rolling an elk out in one trip on wheels is much less impactful to the landscape than multiple trips via boot or even the damage caused by horse hooves, there is still a restriction on wheels in these areas.

What is the advantage of having a cart on your back rather than in the truck or at camp?

Simply put, it is where you need it when you need it. Especially in warm weather, early hunts' meat can spoil rapidly even in the shade. The Buck-Truck and Goat-Tote pay for themselves not only in boot leather saved but also in preventing meat loss from spoilage. My wife always accuses me of bringing home meat at $300 per pound. So I feel like I get a return on my investment for each pound I save by not letting it spoil while I walk. Also, when I can take an animal out whole and not risk grass and dirt and hair on the meat, the butcher trims much less.

It seems that the wheels are narrow, does it fall over?

It was actually designed specifically to have narrow set wheels. Wheels that are wider may make it more stable, but then they catch on the brush or roll off the path. By setting the wheels narrow (about shoulder width) we achieved a good blend of stability and ease of travel.

I hunt with my kids and we never go far from the truck. Why would I need one?

Kids love to hunt, but you can spoil that love by making them carry meat out in multiple trips. We all know how hard it is to pack game after the shot. Keep the love alive by making the post shot effort as minimal as possible. Incidentally, this becomes important when we hunt with parents as well. Older hunters can stay afield for more years or take game they would have passed on if the retrieval is less strenuous.

How do I assemble the Buck Truck and Goat Tote?

We have a detailed PDF for you here! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByHlqskBYc6oeF9NWXVESnBKM1hJV3I3M0dGbFRfQTdqLUlF/view?usp=sharing

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