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Why did I create the Buck-Truck?

Born of necessity in the mountains of Utah, the Buck-Truck evolved as my passion for hunting combined with a need for a better, safer, and faster way to get meat off the mountain.  After hauling game in every way possible from dragging to carts, this always suffered from either poor effectiveness, poor mobility during the hunt, excessive weight, or all of the above.  With aging knees, I still wanted to hunt as far back as I wanted to walk, but I needed a better way to bring that game out rather than carrying it on my back. While hauling game is never easy, I am committed to making sure this is the easiest way to transport game short of buying a horse.  With a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, I stand behind my products 100% and am fully committed to your satisfaction.

The Buck-Truck is the only totally convertible pack and game cart combination product allowing a solution for every condition.   Hand crafted, in the USA, and weighing in at 13.5 lbs, the Buck-Truck combines the lightest game cart on the market with an integrated and convertible pack providing the best transportation mode for every animal in every terrain for the only transportation product you need for you back-country or day hunt.

The Pack for the ​​Back-Country Sportsman

Pulling a deer is a drag.  

Use the Buck-Truck to put your hunt on wheels!