The Buck-Truck is the only totally convertible pack and game cart combination product allowing a solution for every condition. Weighing in as low as 9.5 lbs, the Buck-Truck combines the lightest game cart on the market with an integrated and convertible pack providing the best transportation mode for every animal in every terrain for the only transportation product you need for you back-country or day hunt.

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To help get you through the dog days of summer Buck-Truck is going to implement a new referral program where you can earn your way to a free Buck-Truck. So in addition to helping your friends retrieve that game you can earn your own to help haul meat. 

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Full Packages

Full Packages

After being "initially skeptical", a Colorado hunter who no longer believed he could carry a quarter at a time used the Buck-Truck to haul out HALF an elk at a time in a snow storm, over 6" logs, and through rocky creeks.  He went on to state that it was surprisingly stable after feeling the wheels had too narrow a stance.

Born in Utah

The Buck-Truck was conceived and developed while I hunted the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.

Here in the west the best animals live miles from the nearest road and although they can be accessed by walk-in hunters the steep terrain and the distances can make it daunting to pull that trigger knowing the work that comes after the shot.

With either a long hike dragging a deer or one or more hikes back to the road while carrying 100# pack of boned out meat and gear can mean a long day or days of hiking to transport that trophy. And during the warmer early season hunts where daytime temperatures can reach 70 degrees the longer it takes to make those hikes to get the meat to a cold room the greater chance of spoilage.

As a small business owner and a solo hunter time is too valuable for me to make multiple long hikes to transport gear and game. And after dragging deer through the brush and along bike trails for miles and contemplating the idea of killing and transporting a bull elk solo I decided there must be a better way.


The year I had knee surgery and limped up the trail dragging a commercial game cart behind me sealed it. As the game cart snagged on brush on both sides of the trail and bounced along noisily I realized I needed a better solution. I knew I needed a way to hike in to spot and stalk game while being able to increase my carry capacity when I harvested. I needed a game cart that could be carried quietly and would not impede my hunt and would provide the transport capabilities like a wheelbarrow to navigate the narrow trails. The Buck-Truck was born to meet those needs. As a 9.5

lb pack it carries the same as any frame pack but then unfolds and allows wheelbarrow like performance.



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